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Here is all you need to know about our Basic Dog Lesson Plan

basic dog lesson

Dog obedience has become the primary concern of responsible dog owners. From creating to implementing the basic obedience commands, we are known to make this challenging experience an easy-peasy deal.

Wonder how? Our company, called “K9 Life Lessons”, plays a significant role in doing so. We teach basic to advanced dog lessons that extensively helps the owner and a dog in creating a lasting relationship. Our classes are based on necessary command lessons and aim to keep both you and your pet safe in emergency situations.

If you are thinking about whether or not you should opt for professional dog training, we have compiled a list of all the necessary reasons why you should do so.

Our initial training cover lessons such as:-

  • Setting the communication channel between the dog owner and dog
  • Helping the dog obey a series of command from the owner or handler

As the dog stays, we help him learn a lot of good things.   

  1. Assess Its Needs

After spending significant time with your dog, we figure out what works best for him in a particular situation. Whether a short leash or a longer training leash for distance work. Once we determine, we design their rewards. Knowing that a few commands need a lot of time to be perfectly followed, we tread lightly through different training sessions. This brings about a fun-filled deal for you and your pet during training sessions.

  1. Sit Lesson

We train your dog inclusively on the cues like sit. At first, we make the substantial use of the treat to guide your dog into the wanted position. Still, if the dog faces trouble understanding, we insist them politely while firmly indicating ‘Sit.’

  1. Down Lesson

Once the sit command is achieved, the next trick teaches the “down” command. This can be slightly difficult to master as it asks your dog to take a more submissive position. But thankfully, we are pro at such tasks. We physically and strategically guide your dog to move into the down position, by placing a hand on its shoulders and lightly pressing it down to the floor.

  1. Stay Lesson

Ideally, if you want your dog to stay in a particular position for long, all you need is K9 Life lessons. We begin with this command by making your dog sit or lay while maintaining eye contact with your dog. As your dog gives an optimal response, we reward him with a scrumptious treat.

  1. Place Command

Like other commands, we train your dog to ignore chores and stimuli that are possibly dangerous for him. We help him consistently ignore the first treat and focus the second one that’s a particularly pleasant smelling and yummilicious for your pup. For this purpose, we include two treats in our lesson— one that’s fine and one that says “Leave it.

Note down our five simple basic dog lessons as with them; you can take it up a notch and make your dog an obedient carnivore.

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