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Obedience k9 Training & Behavior Modification Program

k9 training program

Do you wish to tame your dog’s behavior? If “yes,” then look no further. At K9 Life Lessons, we make your dog a good boy following our two incredible approaches.

  1. On-leash Obedience

    Throughout our on-leash obedience training, your dog will master the art of basic manners, basic obedience, crate manners, and loose-leash walking. Initially, when you choose us, we help your dog board straight here and keep him maximum for four weeks. During the whole training tenure, we teach your dog basic cues like “sit,” “down,” “place,” and “here.”

    We truly understand that you can’t survive a day without your dog; therefore, we allow you to bump into our location anytime to surprise your dog and praise him for achieving excellent grades.

  2. Off-leash Obedience

    The on-leash program we offer stretches for at least 4 weeks. In contrast, our off-leash K9 training program is shorter and runs for a tenure of 1-2 weeks. Simultaneously, we make sure your dog gets the best-staying experience. Thus, we provide them with an add-on “E collar training.” The unique training includes teaching your dog the proper and timely use of the e-collar as well as several ways to become well-trained.

    Apart from the initial training we offer, our specialized Behavior Modification Professional Program is the program that provides comprehensive advantages either for your personal dog or dog-to-be. The techniques we incorporate in our plan modify your dog behavior and transform them into a full-time well-mannered, and cuddly fellow. Our dog trainers are certified and possess practical knowledge of dog training.

    Learn how we can help your dog stop exhibiting the unwanted behavior.

Habituation- this uncomplicated form of learning involves little to no rewards.

A dog that habituates to one type of sound does not consequently become habituated to other sounds. But, if a dog is repeatedly exposed to a potentially harmful stimulus (such as a predator) without being harmed, habituation cannot happen. Acknowledging that, our K9 training program reduces the responses to dangerous stimuli that may have inherited resistance to habituation.

Conditioning –

Dog conditioning is the key technique through which we discourage bad behavior. For example, we can help your dog balance between stimuli and responses. Like, if it’s barking every now and then out of hunger, we associate him with a stimulus (bell) other than food (first stimulus). It means every time that the hungry dog sees the food, a bell is rung, and finally, when the food and bell have been paired numerous times, the dog will drool even if it just hears the bell’s sound. This is known as conditioning.

Positive or Negative Reinforcement-

Our reinforcement technique increase the frequency of the desired behavior. When we include positive reinforcement (a reward) in training, the dog sets a relationship between the behavior and its consequences whereas negative reinforcement is used to punish the puppy for an unpleasant behavior.


Our ultimate purpose of overlearning is to implement 3 things: it delays forgetting, it enhances the resistance to extinction, and it also encourages the situation where the behavior will hit an automatic or “knee-jerk” response in similar scenarios. This technique, furthermore, is beneficial for overcoming fear or anxiety in a dog.

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