Our Dog Training Programs

Board and Train: On-Leash Basic Obedience

At K9 Life Lessons, your dog stays with us for a duration of four weeks for on-leash training. While here, they will learn dog training such as basic manners, crate training/manners, threshold manners, loose leash walking, and basic commands.

A few of the basic commands they learn are: “sit”, “down”, “place”, and “here”. The “stay” is implied in the commands.

We schedule weekly training lessons for you, so you can have the chance to see the progress that your dog is making. This also allows you to gain the knowledge required to continue working with your dog at home.

Board and Train: Off-Leash Basic Obedience

A continuation of our on-leash basic obedience board and train that has a shorter 1-2 week training period. During this dog training program, we condition your dog to an e-collar for off-leash reliability. While in this training program, we will work with your dog to learn to comply without a leash, so they have more freedom while inside the home, out in the yard, on a hike, park, etc…

A e-collar is for you to take home at the end of this basic dog training program.

Follow Up Lessons

These are training lessons for clients whose dog has already experienced our training programs at K9 Life Lessons, but need some extra help. We schedule these training lessons for our clients based on their specifications and what extra training they or their dog needs.

Sometimes our dogs tend to test the boundaries of earlier basic obedience training. These follow up lessons will help revive the dog’s response to commands, tuning up their obedience and manners.

With each follow-up lesson, our client needs to specify the area where they or their dog is struggling the most. We will focus our training method on that specific point, so you have a well-mannered dog in no time.