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The Dog Lover Lessons in Courage from the World’s K9

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And know: When a cop gives a shout-out, “my dog aced obedience in reaching to a suspect,” there are mainly three underlying reasons.

  • The owner worked hard for it- being consistent
  • He experimented different training lessons but put the best to the test and
  • He’s the biggest follower of the trait called “Patience.”

Dog owners, especially ones associated with K9 corp jobs to train their dog, must remember that “A dog cannot behave like a robot.” They do need intense training, but they more require an environment that is flexible, free, and love-filled. Just like the shepherd takes years to lead their flock of sheep, a noob in police dog keeping needs to climb the top of the hill with the same speed and style. That’s precise, how things will make a difference-gradually but surely.

Most officers today share the typical dilemma that training ride has been startling for them as well as for their dog. Finally, they are on the constant hunt for a guaranteed solution that can bring them a permanent peace of mind.

We have mentioned this data because it’s imperative to counsel you and identical owners who just want to jump on the quick solution without realizing where they are mistaking.

Thank us later as K9 Lessons always got you an unmatched solution that can significantly help you with your dog training ride-along. If you’re a geek, it will take you a few hours to leaf through the complete solution. However, if you aren’t, no worries; we are available 24/7 to guide you not only until you cross the bridge but even after.

To end the despair of novel and experienced police dog keepers, an acclaimed poet “Rachel Rose” has crafted a detailed guideline containing her epic words compiled with real-life wisdom. Her book entitled” The Dog Lover Unit: Lessons in Courage from the World’s K9 Cops” was launched in 2017, which still remains the best-seller. It is absolutely informative, digestible, and vibrant for every war or police dog’s owner.

The Book “K9 Corp” Is A Remarkable Police Dog Talk

The writeup is composed particularly for the dogs and people who form the K9 corps. The author, “Rachel Rose,” considers that every dog is born with a unique personality. Hence they must be treated in a specialized way along with differential training techniques. Rose made this book woahfully enjoyable by sharing her high-speed suspect chasing experience. Her final thoughts depicted how she used to careen along with police teams to put armed suspects behind metal bars. She mentions the challenges, encounters and the contributors she got in touch every time she patrolled up and down the woods.

Moreover, The Dog Lover Unit, Rose introduces the transformative tips for readers like police dog owners or handlers in the United States, Canada, Britain, and France (places which enormously focus on the “dog lover unit.” She enlightens you on several ways to catch a criminal with Constable Matt Noel and Blackie; to patrol with Sheriff Gene Davis and Gunner, and every line of her is moving. You get the mixed flavor of insight, humor, and awe throughout the clock is ticking.

Notably, the book is enriched with facts that teach these human and canine teams to accomplish their suspect arrest mission and of course, the emotional and physical risks involved in the journey.

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