Dog Training

The Most Important Dog Lessons Begin Right from Home

House training your puppy or an adult dog is important because of the behavior they show inside and outside the house. At first, giving dog lessons may seem overwhelming especially if it is your first dog. In fact, dog training is itself a very big project, and if you take it one step at a time, it becomes less daunting. Some of the most basic tips for house training a dog are:

  • Learning the basics before starting dog training
  • Train your dog using games as it is easier to train them if they are having a good time
  • Use schedules as a guide to teaching basic commands in due time
  • Using positive reinforcement as the best way for both the dog and owner

Let us look at some of the most important dog lessons you can teach right from home.

House Training

Unless you want to keep your dog outdoors, which is highly unlikely, you need to teach them a proper way to defecate. Housetraining, also called potty training is the most important dog lesson you need to work on with your dog.

Identify the habits of defecation for your puppy or dog to help you better understand when they need to go. Normally, a dog defecates early in the morning and then has a 15-20 minute break during urination. Some dogs do urinate multiple times if given opportunity. Be sure to let them out to eliminate 15 minutes after a meal.

Whether or not your dog alerts you of their need, you have to consider some activities with which elimination is likely to follow like:

  • Drinking
  • Eating
  • Playing
  • Chewing a toy
  • Right before bedtime
  • Sleeping

Leash Training

Another dog lesson is to teach them how to walk with a leash as every dog needs to learn this. While there are laws in certain states for leashing a dog, there are times when keeping them on a leash is for their own safety. Introduce your dog to a leash and teach them to walk with it or beside you while taking a walk outside. A loose leash helps you gain control in case your dog lunges at anyone or anything. This makes the experience more enjoyable for your dog and you.

Clicker Training

Clicker training refers to dog lessons that serve as a common form of positive reinforcement. It is possible to train your dog without a clicker, but it proves to be helpful and controlled. You can teach your dog basic commands or advanced tricks using clicker training.

Basic Commands and Fun Tricks

The above-mentioned dog lessons serve as the basic training you have to teach your dog. However, you need to familiarize them with basic commands and tricks like come, speak, drop it, sit up, lie down, etc. These basic commands give a proper structure to your dog as well as giving you control over common dog problems and keeping them safe. These fun tricks take your training to the next level and give your dog the mental stimulation needed. 

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