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Weekly Lessons are a huge part of the Day School program for dogs and puppies

dog weekly lessons

Dog schools are present at every nook of the Boston city – providing exquisite services like dog training, both on-site and off-site classes. We claim that we are exceptionally different from our competitors since we assist you in your dog or puppy in extremely complicated matters. You must have thought that this is what everyone promises. We would like you to go over the reality that people only talk, but we walk!

Unlike other dog schools in your area, we provide your coochy-coo pup with a variety of reasons to live fruitfully, happily, and last, but not the least help them become an infinite blessing for humans. In a nutshell, our comprehensive dog school program caters comprehensively to tame your dog behavior.

We’re Your Nearest Dog Training Institute

Situated In East Washington Street Boston, K9 Life Lessons encompasses effective dog training lessons, and feasible approaches – enabling us to be the top choice for every dog owner who wants to master dog behavioral training. We usually take on-board every dog who is encountering mood swings on the peak and teach the puppy to overcome it. It means we conduct basic obedience classes for your struggling pup and train him over challenging situations, including:

  1. How to behave in a public place
  2. How to treat other dogs
  3. How to ignore the harmful stimulus
  4. How to stay away from strangers
  5. How to obey commands
  6. How to settle in an owner’s absence
  7. How to be happy and a lot more

We Function In A Unique Style With Amazing Pace

At our dog training school, your pup is entitled to undertake the weekly lessons regarding obedience teaching and intense training on chief commands such as “sit,” “down,” “place,” and “here. First and foremost, we understand his or her behavior, and when we finally realize it, we set up the classes to make you and your dog feel relaxed and thrilled like never before.

Our Ingenious Dog Weekly Lessons Can Make All The Difference!

More than half of the puppies attend the school today, and those dogs who are a large part of this trend are exposed to more canine friends and people, including children, than the sheltered dogs that only receive minimal exposure. Collectively all the dog class participants, while dealing with loud noises, giant gears, and people at the front door, create a PAWsitive environment!

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